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Car Repossession?

Was your car repossessed today?  Machi & Associates, PC may be able to get your car back within 24 hours.

Very often clients have waited as long as they can to file bankruptcy.  They really want to do all they can to pay their debts.  But times get tough, and good people have a hard time paying those debts.  Then all of a sudden their car is gone – repossessed.  How will they get to work?  How will they get their ...

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Hostess Losing Creamy Filling

The snack food company Hostess Brands filed for Chapter 11 on January 10, 2012, about seven and a half years since its previous bankruptcy claim in September of 2004. Last Wednesday, Hostess said it would be reforming into a more competitive company. While Hostess lists about $860 million in debt the company still has enough money to keep stores stocked with their products. Additionally, Hostess didn’t announce any job cuts, but Hostess spokesman Lance Ignon said the company will decide ...

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