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We provide the advice you need, the honesty you expect, and the compassion you deserve. Sometimes injury attorneys talk about how mean and strong they are when fighting for you.

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We believe it is more important that an attorney is smarter than mean. We will take the time to listen to your needs. Contact us if you need an attorney in Arlington, Mansfield, or anywhere in the DFW Metroplex and we will be there to serve you.

With decades of legal experience, we are confident in handling a number of claims, including:

What Ted Machi & Associates Can do for You

  • Get you compensation for your pain and suffering.
  • Get you compensation for your medical bills.
  • Help you find medical treatment and equipment.
  • Help you recover lost past or future income.
  • Deal with insurance companies to protect your rights.

If you’ve been injured or treated unfairly, we want to put our knowledge of the law to work for you, today. Give us a call today.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys in Arlington & Mansfield, TX

Ted Machi & Associates, P.C. understands the tough times you are going through. We understand the frustration and sometimes shame when you can not repay the debts you honestly intended to repay. We understand that a tough economy makes getting back on your feet again frustrating.

You should choose your attorney based on your ability to work with the attorney and the attorney’s skill and knowledge in the area that you require assistance.

Our skill and knowledge are matched by few DFW lawyers. When choosing an attorney, consider Ted Machi & Associates, P.C.