Top 5 Things that Impact Your Credit Score

A man reads a document through a magnifying glass, a calculator and tiny home model sit before him and below are the words "Top 5 Things that Impact your Credit Score"

A number of factors can impact your credit score, and a good financial state does not necessarily mean a good credit score. The credit bureaus decide your score, and what you do with the credit you have available to you affects that score in a number of ways. Understanding what things have the biggest impact on […]

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Is Your Credit a Mess? Here are 5 Things That Could Be Setting You Up For Financial Failure

Person holding a credit card in front of a computer screen

A good credit score can make life a lot easier. Ranging from the low 300’s to 900, a credit score allows lenders to see how responsible you have been in the past when it comes to managing your debt and paying your bills on time. The higher your score, the easier it is to obtain […]

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Car Wreck on a Texas Highway – What to Do and What Not to Do

Young Woman Using Cellphone After Accident

A car wreck is a terrifying experience. You are likely shaken emotionally and mentally, or even worse, you could be seriously or severely injured. It is important at this difficult time to keep your wits about you as much as possible and remain calm. It’s also essential to document the details of the wreck as much […]

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How to File for Bankruptcy in Arlington, Texas

Business woman signing contract

Michael Scott declared bankruptcy in The Office by simply shouting, “I declare bankruptcy,” but that’s not how it’s done in real life. If you’re filing for bankruptcy in Arlington, Texas, there’s a process you must follow. Types of Bankruptcies Individuals or married couples generally file for one of two types of bankruptcy. The decision may come down […]

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Chapter 7 or Chapter 13: Which Form Of Bankruptcy Is Right For You?

Close up of a person filling petition of bankruptcy form

Whether you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you should have an excellent legal advocate on your side. But which type of bankruptcy should you choose, and what do you need to know before talking to an attorney? The kind of bankruptcy depends on some factors, including your level and type of debt […]

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What Are the Qualifications for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

If your debts are out of control, you are likely dodging calls from creditors and generally feeling like your world is spiraling downward. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can put you back on an even keel and help you rebuild your life. The majority of bankruptcies filed in the United States fall under Chapter 7. If […]

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