How to File for Bankruptcy in Arlington, Texas

A business woman signing a bankruptcy petition

Michael Scott declared bankruptcy in The Office by simply shouting, “I declare bankruptcy,” but that’s not how it’s done in real life. If you’re filing for bankruptcy in Arlington, Texas, there’s a process you must follow. Types of Bankruptcies Individuals or married couples generally file for one of two types of bankruptcy. The decision may come down […]

Debt Consolidation or Chapter 13

A woman, distressed over her bills considers Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When someone is considering debt consolidation, there may be more options for them than they realize. One of those options is to talk to an attorney about Chapter 13 bankruptcy to see if it is an appropriate option for their situation. Not everyone qualifies for it, and even some that do qualify may want to […]

Bouncing Back After Bankruptcy

No one wants to live with a poor credit rating, even after the filing of a bankruptcy. A bankruptcy can remain on an individual’s credit report for up to 10 years. However, you might be surprised to find that your score can rise, even to the low 700s within two or three years after the […]

Victim of Credit Fraud?

Consumer credit sales and home mortgages are some of the most regulated transactions in the American economy. State and federal statutes place certain restrictions on the conduct of mortgage lenders, retailers, debt collection agencies, and credit reporting companies. Nevertheless, we hear so many complaints about fraudulent credit practices you’d think the fair credit laws had […]